events management philippines-atpFranklin Baker has a wonderful story. It goes back to the American colonial times in the 1920′s when a flour miller from America traded goods in the Philippines. One day , he found himself with a ship load of coconuts from Cuba as payment for the flour he shipped to Havana. Instead of pushing for the cash payment, Mr. baker set up a coconut dessicating factory and exported these finished goods to the USA where it found a small but voracious market. Soon Kraft, the

multinational giant , came calling and Franklin Baker was bought out. Since that buyout , Franklin Baker (Kraft retained the name of the company) Franklin Baker has flourished for the last 90 years-quite an achievement from an accidental coconut trade!
Now Franklin Baker has come full circle and is in the cialis online hands of a Philippine led consortium. It has factories in Davao and San Pablo Laguna where they export dessicated coconut to the USA for use in cakes and chocolates and many more goodies.

ATP events management Philippines is proud to have been a part of the 90th anniversary celebration of Franklin Baker, Heres the ingress and event in photos!

events management philippines atp

1 am ingress at the Makati Shangrila

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mixers-who knows what at those dials and switches do ???

This event is plugged in! - ATP